Over 150 Insurance Specific Key Performance Indicators

4Sight uses a number of proven insurance key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the present state of your business and to prescribe a course of action.
Examples of these KPIs are new and renewal business retention, loss ratios, loss severities and more.
Prior to the capabilities of 4Sight, when information had to be manually input and calculated, performance data was often not available for weeks or months.
4Sight provides the immediate mechanism to get that information out to your users in record time
Due to the nature of its design, it can be easily extended to add other indicators that you may wish to have.

4Sight Offers many Key Performance Indicators specific to the Property & Casualty Industry as well as to the management and operation of an enterprise solution.  Below is a list of a number of KPIs that come with the system on day one:

View Key Performance Indicators by daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date, inception-to-date, yearly, last three months, last quarter, last 12 months and more ... compare against prior periods

Policy Count Number of Cancellations Loss Reserve
Commission Average Cancellation Premium Loss Paid
Written Premium Number of New Business Cancellations Expense Reserve
Average Written Premium New Business Cancellation Premium Expense Paid
Original Written Premium Avg New Business Cancellation Premium Salvage
Factor of Manual Written Premium Number of Renewal Business Cancellations Subrogation
Manual Written Premium Renewal Business Cancellation Premium Incurred
Average Manual Written Premium Avg Renewal Business Cancellation Prem. Incurred with Expense
Earned Premium Policy Retention % Number of Claims in Litigation
Unearned Premium Policy Premium Retention % Number of Claims in Subrogation
Number of Inforce Policies New Business Policy Retention % Number of New Claims
Inforce Written Premium New Business Premium Retention % Loss Frequency
Average Inforce Written Premium Renewal Business Policy Retention % Loss Reserve
Inforce Earned Premium Renewal Business Premium Retention % Loss Paid
Inforce Manual Written Premium Number Midterm Cancellations Loss Reserve Change
New Business Policy Count Midterm Cancellation Premium Loss Paid Change
New Business Written Premium Average Midterm Cancellation Premium Average Loss Paid
Average New Business Written Premium Number Flat Cancellations Expense Reserve
New Business Original Written Premium Flat Cancellation Premium Expense Paid
New Business Factor of Manual Written Prem. Average Flat Cancellation Premium Expense Reserve Change
New Business Manual Written Premium Number of Reinstatement Policies Expense Paid Change
New Business Earned Premium Reinstatement Premium Average Expense Paid
New Business Unearned Premium Average Reinstatement Premium Allocated Expense Reserve
Renewal Business Policy Count Earned Loss Ratio Allocated Expense Paid
Renewal Business Written Premium Written Loss Ratio Average Allocated Expense Paid
Average Renewal Business Written Premium Expense Ratio (Earned Premium) Unallocated Expense Reserve
Renewal Business Original Written Premium Expense Ratio (Written Premium) Unallocated Expense Paid
Renewal Business Factor of Manual Written Prem. Combined Ratio (Earned Premium) Average Unallocated Expense Paid
Renewal Business Manual Written Premium Combined Ratio (WrittenPremium) Incurred
Renewal Business Earned Premium Salvage Incurred with Expense
Renewal Business Unearned Premium Salvage Change Incurred Change
Endorsement Premium Amount Subrogation Incurred with Expense Change
Audit Premium Amount Subrogation Change

Types of Key Performance Indicators
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